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  • Womens Health & Well Being Group
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  • The Family Resource Centre

    The diagram below illustrates the broad scope of the work which the Family Resource Centre undertakes within the Inner City of Waterford. The geographical area of Waterford Inner City encompasses a population of approximately 11,000 people.

    The FRC endeavours to support this community through providing needs led and targeted supports and programmes which focus on the needs of such target groups as Families, Individuals, people who are Unemployed, Older People, Travellers, People with Disabilities, Women, Men, and Children, etc. The work of the Family Resource Centre is funded through the Family Support Agency.

    Family Support and Community Development are the primary focus of the FRC’s work. The FRC aims to support families in the community to identify their family and local needs, to develop holistic responses and to enhance individual and family participation in wider community life. This work is needs led with a strong emphasis on early intervention and preventative supports.

    There is also a strong focus on empowering and encouraging the participation of marginalised groups in their ability to make decisions that impact their lives and the lives of those in their community. This approach of working with people fosters a collective rather than an individual approach to tackling problems.