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    Healthy Eating

    At St. Brigid’s Children Centre we are committed to ensuring that the food and drink we prepare for the children will provide them with a well balanced nutritious and healthy diet.  Special dietary requirements will be respected and meal times will be opportunities to encourage social interaction among staff and children.

    Our Healthy Eating Policy


    • A weekly snack menu will provide the children with varied foods.  This menu will be on display in advance.  Recipes and food ingredients are available to parents.
    • Parents are encouraged to offer menu suggestions or comments on the nutrition policy.
    • All children will have suitable food available depending on their age, development and needs, using the recommended serving table as a guide.
    • Breakfast will be available each morning.  Parents are responsible to inform the service if their child needs breakfast on arrival.
    • Water will be available at all times.
    • Fizzy drinks will not be provided.
    • Water will be served with main meals and snacks.
    • Children will have access to bread or fruit if they are hungry between scheduled meals or snack times.
    • Children will be allowed to have dessert if they do not eat their main course.
    • Parents will be advised if their child is not eating well.
    • Parents of children on special diets will be asked to provide as much information about suitable foods.  In some cases, parents may be asked to provide snack food themselves.
    • Staff will sit with the children when they eat and encourage good eating habits.
    • Children will sit when eating or having a drink.
    • Withholding food will not be used as a form of punishment.
    • Parents are asked not to send sweets, crisps and other snack food to the pre-school.
    • Birthday party food should be discussed in advance with the staff.
    • All food will be stored, prepared and served using good food safety practices.
    • Staff will receive training in relation to healthy eating and food safety.
    • Children will be encouraged to play and eat outside weather permitting, to ensure they receive sunlight which helps their bodies to make vitamin D.
    • This policy will be displayed in an accessible area and will be reviewed annually.