Upcoming Events

  • Caretaker Position Available

    Monday - Thursday (From 5pm) 19.5 Hours Per Week

    Candidates will need to be eligible for Community Employment Scheme.

    Closing Date for applications 19/01/18

    Contact Brendan 051-375261

  • PLUTO Career Planning FREE info session February 23rd @1.30 pm. Call Carmel for further details.

  • Meditation with Michael Dalton starting February 2017
    For further info or to register please call 051-375261

  • Why not check out our photo Gallery to see some of our annual events. Go to the 'About Us' section and scroll down.


  • Parents Plus Parenting Programme - Starting February 2017 Please call reception on 051-375261
    contact Carmel or Mags on 051-375261 for more information


  • For info on the Waterford Contact Project call Mags on 051-375261


  • Womens Health & Well Being Group
    all welcome to come along. Contact Carmel for more info 051-375261

  • Positive Behaviour Management

    St. Brigid’s Children Centre aims to provide good quality childcare and a caring environment for all children and staff. We will promote positive behaviour through staff modelling self discipline and promoting self discipline to the children in our care. Our behaviour management methods are concerned with safety, care and respect for one another.

    The methods used in this service will be developmentally appropriate and promote the development of self discipline. We do not use a time out policy in our service or any form of corporal punishment.

    Inappropriate Behaviour:

    • Inappropriate behaviour is when the well being and safety of any individual or group is affected.
    • Inappropriate behaviour is always dealt with in a caring and constructive manner using positive methods to develop self esteem and well as self control. If a child is continually displaying disruptive / challenging behaviour then a meeting will be arranged to discuss a way forward in partnership with parentslogo.