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    Parent & Baby Health & Well Being Programme

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    Contact Mags to register or for more info 051-375261

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  • Parents Plus Parenting Programme is delivered 3 times per year for more info Please call reception on 051-375261


  • For info on the Waterford Contact Project call Yvette on 051-375261


  • Womens Health & Well Being Group
    all welcome to come along. Contact Carmel for more info 051-375261

  • Resource & Referral

    The Resource and Referral service is a screening service for counselling and is available Monday to Friday 10am – 12 noon & 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm to members of the public who call to the Centre without a previous appointment. It is principally a listening service and offers a confidential and supportive setting for the caller to identify needs and services.
    Some callers are afforded practical guidance and support with immediate difficulties. Others who request counselling are referred to the Pre-Counselling team.
    Pre-Counselling provides:-

    • Space and time for clients to understand the nature and purpose of counselling
    • Help the client to focus and clarify their issues which expedites appropriate and relevant referral.
    • Insight to the Resource and Referral members of the wide range of issues they may encounter in their role of counselor.


    In accordance with best practice the Resource and Referral team also present for supervision once a month. This 2 hour session includes a personal development training as well as proving a space to debrief from some of the issues encountered in pre-counselling sessions.