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  • National Advocacy

    What is advocacy?
    The purpose of Advocacy is to:

    • Enable people to seek and receive information, explore and understand their options and make their wishes and views known to others.
    • Support people to represent their own views, wishes and interests, especially when they find it difficult to articulate these to others by themselves.
    • Empower people to make decisions for themselves.
    • Ensure people’s rights are respected by others.
    • Ensure that people’s needs, wishes and interests are given due consideration and acted upon.
    • Stand alongside people who are in danger of being ignored.


    “Advocacy bridges the gap between having rights and having rights respected.”


    What is the National Advocacy Service (NAS)?

    NAS aims to assist more vulnerable people with disabilities who:

    • May not be in a position to self-refer
    • Are isolated in the community
    • Live in residential institutions

    NAS offers people an independent advocacy service which protects their rights.


    “NAS supports people to be included in decisions, especially when they find it hard to tell others what they want.”


    NAS supports people:

    • To receive assistance with specific issues.
    • To access their rights and entitlements.
    • To have their voice heard when decisions are being made about their life.
    • To express their views and wishes in relation to quality of life issues.


    How to Get Support from NAS

    • You can contact NAS directly.
    • A friend or carer can contact NAS on your behalf with your agreement.
    • You can discuss your situation in confidence with an advocate.
    • You can find out more about the service and whether it is right for you.
    • If you choose to receive support from NAS, you and your advocate can develop a plan to help achieve your goal.
    • If you give your permission, an advocate can act for you and with you.
    • You and your advocate will review your plan regularly until you no longer need an advocate.


    “Advocacy enables people to be involved in decisions that would otherwise be made for them by others.”


    Regional Manager:- Patricia O’Dwyer Tel:- 086 022 3984
    Waterford Area Advocate:-
    NAS Website:- Click here.