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About St Brigid’s Counselling Service

Largely staffed by voluntary personnel, St Brigid’s Counselling Service has been in operation from the early 2000’s.

Our team of highly trained therapists attend both monthly individual and group supervision and adhere to a strict code of ethics and practice, in their delivery of affirmative and inclusive therapeutic supports.

Couples Counselling

This service is offered to couples aged 18+ years, who may be experiencing difficulties in their relationship. Both individuals must commit to joint attendance in order to access this service with our dedicated Relationship Counsellor.

How can St Brigid’s Counselling Service help?

We are an inclusive community service providing short-term therapeutic support and interventions for people experiencing mild to moderate mental and emotional health symptoms, issues, conditions, and diagnoses.

Please note that this service is not suitable to address moderate to severe issues or diagnoses. Specifically, St Brigid’s is not an appropriate source of referral for neurodevelopmental disorders, moderate to severe psychiatric issues, substance addictions, eating disorders, or for those who are actively suicidal and/or engaging in moderate to severe self-harm. In such circumstances, individuals should attend their GP for direct referral to appropriate supports, or if there is an immediate risk to human life, you should present at the A&E Department of University Hospital Waterford.


What services are available through St Brigid’s Counselling Service?

Adult Counselling

This service is suitable for individuals aged 18+ years with mild to moderate issues, symptoms, conditions, and diagnoses. Typical issues supported are mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression, bereavement or loss, relationship difficulties, sexuality and identity issues, loneliness, fears, phobias, mild to moderate trauma, existential worries, and domestic abuse.

Adolescent Counselling

Young people aged from 11 – 17 years old with mild to moderate issues, symptoms, conditions, and diagnoses, are eligible to apply for this service, for one-to-one therapy. Adolescents commonly attend for support with mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression, parental separation, body image, school refusal and/or other school-related issues, bereavement or loss, relationship issues, bullying or friendship issues, social phobias, mild to moderate OCD, mild to moderate trauma and/or abuse.

Problem Gambling Support Service

Gambling Care, the National Problem Gambling Support Service, is funded and administered by the Gambling Awareness Trust. This independent charity funds research, education, and treatment services to help minimise gambling-related harm in Ireland. St Brigid’s Family Resource Centre is one of 20 such centres nationwide, providing professional and confidential counselling services through a specialised therapist, to individuals, families, and groups impacted by problem gambling.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy is sometimes accessed by children aged 3 – 11 years old, as a means of support for parental separation, bereavement or loss, illness, attachment difficulties, or in circumstances of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse . This approach facilitates exploration and expression of emotions and allows children to make sense of their life experiences in a safe and trusting environment.

How can I apply for counselling?

Simply call us @ 089 497 4415

Please note that this is purely a public service contact number for St Brigid’s Counselling Service, and we will not always be available to answer incoming calls. We endeavour to return all calls within 2 working days. However, St Brigid’s Counselling Service is NOT an emergency service. If you require urgent support, you should attempt to meet with your GP, or present at the A&E Department of University Hospital Waterford, if there is an immediate risk to human life.

In addition to self-referrals, individuals are also regularly referred to St Brigid’s Counselling Service via GPs, Primary Care and/or Psychology Services, Psychiatrists, CAMHS, Community Groups, Social Workers and/or TUSLA, Key Workers, and Parole Officers.

Once eligibility to access our service is established, a brief intake procedure can be carried out over the phone. You will be called as soon as a member of our team has a vacancy to match your availability. Appointments for most services are offered mainly within office hours from Monday to Thursday, with the exception of Play Therapy, which may also be available on Fridays for those satisfying eligibility criteria.

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